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City of Elk Grove's Affordable Housing For Rent

We recognize the challenge of finding affordably priced housing opportunities. The purpose of this site is to serve as a resource to the community, providing information on affordable housing for rent located within our City.

The complexes listed on this website maintain a certain percentage of rental units at affordable rates for occupancy by low-income families. The site provides a locator map and contact information for each rental complex. Contact each complex directly for up to date vacancy and rental information.

Affordable Housing - Rental
Name: Agave
Location: 10070 Willard Parkway (Map)
Units: 187
Telephone: (916) 714-2431

The Crossings
Name: The Crossings
Location: 8575 Elk Grove Florin Road (Map)
Units: 115
Telephone: (916) 525-2926

Geneva Pointe
Name: Geneva Pointe
Location: 8280 Geneva Point Drive (Map)
Units: 150
Telephone: (916) 688-0186
Montego Falls
Name: Montego Falls
Location: 9950 Bruceville Road (Map)
Units: 132
Telephone: (916) 683-3200
Name: Renwick Square Senior Apartments
Location: 3227 Renwick Avenue (Map)
Units: 149
Telephone: (916) 691-2111
The Ridge Apartments
Name: Ridge Apartments
Location: 8151 Civic Center Drive (Map)
Units: 202
Telephone: (916) 667-8383
no photo
Name: Seasons Senior Apartments
Location: 7301 Bilby Road (Map)
Units: 221
Telephone: (916) 714-4400

Stoneridge at Elk Grove
Name: Stoneridge at Elk Grove
Location: 8515 Elk Grove-Florin Rd (Map)
Units: 95
Telephone: (916) 682-6994

Terracina at Elk Grove
Name: Terracina at Elk Grove
Location: 9440 West Stockton Blvd (Map)
Units: 123
Telephone: (916) 684-9222
Terracina at Laguna Creek
Name: Terracina at Laguna Creek
Location: 9274 Franklin Blvd (Map)
Units: 135
Telephone: (916) 684-6885
Terracina at Park Meadows
Name: Terracina at Park Meadows
Location: 8875 Lewis Stein Road (Map)
Units: 116
Telephone: (916) 681-7402
Village Crossing Apartments
Name: Village Crossing Apartments
Location: 9241 Bruceville Road (Map)
Units: 100
Telephone: (916) 683-8076
Vintage at Laguna Senior Apartments
Name: Vintage at Laguna Senior Apartments
Location: 9210 Big Horn Blvd (Map)
Units: 157
Telephone: (916) 691-6516
no photo
Name: Vintage at Laguna II
Location: 9204 Big Horn Boulevard (Map)
Units: 68
Telephone: (916) 724-3939
Waterman Square
Name: Waterman Square
Location: 9150 Waterman Road (Map)
Units: 83
Telephone: (916) 686-0647
Website: N/A
Affordable Rental Housing Financing

A variety of multifamily rental complexes designed to serve low income residents have been built in the City of Elk Grove. The federal government offers developers tax incentives to build rental units affordable to low income people. A number of complexes built since Elk Grove became a city in 2000 have been partially funded by the Affordable Housing Fund fee program. The table below summarizes the amount of subsidy each multifamily complex received to provide affordable housing units to Elk Grove residents.

Note: Some of the projects have modified units with handicapped accessibility.

Year Project Name Unit # Affordable Financial Assistance Subsidy Per Affordable Unit
2002 Terracina Park Meadows 116 $1,996,476 $17,211
2003 Agave 187 $2,845,356 $15,216
2003 Geneva Point 150 $2,400,493 $15,793
2003 Vintage at Laguna 157 $2,036,572 $12,972
2005 The Crossing at Elk Grove 115 $8,959,930 $77,912
2005 Stoneridge 95 $8,054,620 $84,785
2006 Waterman Square 83 $7,460,000 $89,880
2007 Montego Falls 131 $4,150,000 $31,679
2007 Seasons 221 $9,100,000 $41,176
2011 Ridge Apartments 202 $9,652,217 $47,783
2011 Vintage at Laguna II 68 $51,59,937 $82,352
  TOTAL 1,525 $61,815,601